Digital Storage Oscilloscope
GDS-3352A / GDS-3354A / GDS-3652A / GDS-3654A
In order to assist users in the current 5G era of power product development, embedded system development or Intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT) debugging, GWInstek will proudly launch the new GDS-3000A digital oscilloscope series in 2021. With the bandwidth of 350 MHz and 650 MHz, real-time sampling rate of up to 5GSa/s and memory length of 200M points, users will not miss any details of the signal to be tested. The 10.2" large display provides users with the best measurement instruments for development work.
The standard power analysis kit can be used for 13 power measurement items such as "Power Quality", "Switching Loss", "Harmonic", "Ripple", "Inrush Current", "Modulation", "Safe Operation Area", "Transient", "power efficiency", "B-H curve", "control loop analysis", "Power Supply Rejection Ratio" and "power on/off analysis", etc.
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