Multi-Output Programmable D.C. Power Supply
GPP-3060 / GPP-6030
The GPP series multi-channel programmable DC power supply provides high setting resolution (1mV / 0.1mA) and display resolution (0.1mV / 0.1mA), best low ripple noise characteristics ≦ 350uVrms / ≦ 2mArms and ≦ 50uS output transient recovery capability, and also provides independent output switch for each channel.

For serial / parallel application, the tracking function of this product adopts internal wirings to automatically switch the output to serial or parallel output without the need for additional external wirings, providing users with convenient operating procedures and stable output.

For models with more than two channels, CH1 / CH2 are designed with a load function. A single power supply can set one channel as the power output and the other channel as the load function to consume the power of the DUT to meet the basic battery charge and discharge test requirement.
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