Aviation Snips-Flat blades
In order for the sophisticated hand tool industry to enter the hand tool market of precision and high-end heat treatment processes and improve the application capabilities of high-value metals, this product development strategy aims at: further improvement of tool performance process, breakthrough in heat treatment physical properties, and improvement of advanced heat treatment process in three major areas; In the heat treatment of the knife material, we broke through the technical bottleneck of the key process in one fell swoop, and used heat treatment to strengthen the precision and durability of this iron sheet shear product, and greatly increase the cutting thickness and service life of the steel. The newly developed 72CRH new material makes This iron sheet shear can not only cut 0.8mm stainless steel with a life of more than 50,000 times, but can still cut normally. Even if it is recycled to cut 1.2mm cold-rolled steel, it can still cut normal hard objects even if the life of 1.2
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