VDE Ratchet Handle
As the global awareness to environmental protection is rising. The frequency of use of electric vehicles has gradually increased, and so the demand for electric vehicle repairs will also greatly increase. By reason that electric vehicles need and are equipped with high-voltage power supplies, Therefore, insulating tools must be used for disassembly and assembly when repairing. The VDE Ratchet Handle has the following features that meet consumers' needs.
1. Adopted with the brand new patented structure design, combines the feature of 【direction switching】and 【Socket detaching】to reduce the risk of electric shock (World's first design).
2. Elegant streamlined appearance.
3. It's adopts a new 72 teeth drive structure, which can correspond to more narrow working environments.
4. Built in safety mechanism to prevent electric shock.
5. Rigorously tested to guarantee safety.
6. Ergo-designed handle for more comfort when use.
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