Lightweight Agricultural Ladder
In the field of agricultural ladders, there are three issues: the weight of the ladder is too heavy, the capacity of the ladder is insufficient, and the terrain is uneven.
The [lightweight agricultural three-legged ladder] can solve these three issues, and its product features are as follows:
1. Pursue a lightweight material-saving design, with a net weight of only 6KG, which can be lifted with one hand to reduce the burden of work.
2. The shape and structure are exquisitely designed, which can withstand 450KG and the weight limit is 120KG, which conforms to ANSI specifications.
3. The three legs of the support can be extended and shortened 30cm, which can adapt to uneven terrain.
4. There are 4 claws on the bottom of the three legs that can be inserted into the soil, making it more stable in the field.
5. The three feet can be put on the attached non-slip rubber foot covers, which can also be used on flat ground.
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