European-style aluminum shutters and projected-out window
JG-828-R / JG-500-1
1. Straight Window Shaft: Significantly increases window’s maximum load to 100kg and the possibility of soundproof. Hiding the shaft meaning we can decrease the possibility of wearing and rusting, and increase its duribility and safetyness (such as falling window incidents). Furthermore, it deletes the back bottom and the four-bar linkage from traditional windows, results to a more smooth appearance.
2. Modulized Duo-frame Design: Include two hidden spring parts that bridge the two window frames aside, making it more intuitive to manually disassemble and exchange, good for costumers to self-customized and maintain, which makes the product more fixing-efficient.
3. Inner Duo-adhesive-strips Design: Seal double eco-friendly adhesive strips between the two window frames, significanly prevents leakage and noise, comparing to other competitors.
4. Hard Louver Layers: Replace traditional demands of curtains or soft louver layers, saving users from troubles of stain and damage, and can be ma
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