Center-column-free Casement Louver Door
1. Straight Door Shaft: Significantly increases door’s maximum load to 100kg and the possibility of soundproof. Hiding the shaft meaning it can decrease the possibility of wearing and rusting, and increases its duribility and safetyness. Furthermore, it deletes the back bottom and the four-bar linkage from traditional doors, results to a more smooth appearance.
2. Inner Duo-adhesive-strips Design: Seal double eco-friendly adhesive strips between the two window frames, significanly prevents leakage and noise, comparing to other competitors.
3. Effort-free Knob Device: Set an effort-free transmit device into the delicated design box, with connection rod and panal as the rotating part, adding multiple effort-free transmit devices, it successfully decreases the pressure of the connection rod, and fixes the common issues of the increasement of transmission force that refers to morph and unsmooth movements.
4. High Assembly Precision: Core component enforcement uneases the morphs and decrea
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