Intelligent Automatic Floor Spring
SW30-F2 / SW30-F3
Why using the automatic door? The advantages of automatic doors can be classified into four points: convenient access, sanitary management, ecofriendly, access control.

Each time touching the door handle is the unknown risk of getting an infection, it is more essential to use an automatic door system to prevent unnecessary contagious infections.

The traditional floor spring has occupied a large proportion of the swing door in the architecture. To increase the convenience and safety of the traditional floor spring, we came up with the idea of turning the traditional floor spring into automatic, provide various functions when properly matched with peripheral products.

We have adapted the sophisticated design of the servo brush-less motor to the floor spring. The design for our new automatic floor spring could be replaced with the existing floor spring without chiseling. It is a huge business opportunity no matter replacing the existing floor spring or having a new purchase.

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