HDPE Pipe (FM) for Underground fire protection
外徑110mm〜630mm各 16種規格HDPE管
Based on the foundation of quality assurance established by ISO certification, OHSAS certification, CNS certification, and TAF national laboratory certification, Nan Ya has applied for the FM certification of FM 1613 underground fire-protection PE pipes with higher quality standards and stricter requirements. Various improvements and enhancements in raw materials, equipment, molds, test equipment, etc., officially passed FM certification in 2019, becoming the first company in Greater China to pass FM 1613 certification. Nan Ya's high-quality FM-grade PE pipe has the advantages of earthquke resistance, the best corrosion resistance, and excellent ductility. Long-term use will not cause the pipe wall to crack. The service life is more than 50 years. It can ensure the safety, usability, and durability for underground fire-protection piping.
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