e+Autoff Special Edition
“e+AutOff” is launched at 2019 and has successfully secure over 80k households from occurring stove fire incidents. Proudly, e+AutOff was awarded with Taiwan Excellence product, 2021.
“e+AutOff SE” is an advanced version, not only based on feedback from markets but also for export market.
Main features of “e+AutOff SE” are as follows:
1.Universality: patented knob can be applied to all kinds of stove
2.Easy installation: no need to replace original stove
3.Auto-start: “e+AutOff SE” always turn on while you are cooking.
4.Habit unchanged: keep usual cooking habits
5.Adjustable time: from 1 to 99 min
6.Thoughtful reminder: reminder with sound and light
7.Automatic turn off fire: switch off stove fire when necessary
8.Durable battery: battery (AAA) is easy to get, especially in SE Asia
9.Safe lock: avoid from accidentally turning on stove
10. Timer setting: build-in timer function
11. Button design: Easy to set up and use
12. Easily clean: appearance design and material for easy cleaning

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