Infinite Marble Series
SY97MA / SY97MB / SY97MC / SY97MD / SY97ME / SY97MF / SY250M1 / SY250M2 / SY250M3 / SY250M5
A leader in building material trend, Sheng Yuan Ceramics’ first 'Continuous Veining Marble Series' reinterprets tiles with its extended veining. Laid with fine craftsmanship, the tiles create a perfect and infinite continuity of natural beautiful lines to infuse fluent and generous visual space into the home.

Each design comes in a set of four to eight tiles; the veins align naturally when laid side by side. While trendy marble slabs may offer large areas of extended veining, they are prone to damage during sale, shipping and processing; their costly installation is not cost-effective. So the 60 x 60 size of the series is popular in the market.

The Infinite Series creates an aura of coherence. The extended veins formed by the tiles lead the eyes into an expanded visual space, replace the natural flaws and broken lines of expensive imported slabs, and infuse the home with aesthetic details and scale.
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