Intelligent Anti-theft Door
This product is designed based on the anti-theft, monitoring, ventilation and anti-smog functions. Combine smart doorbell with HISS self-developed ventilation door, we create a smart door with multifunction.
When you have visitors, you can see who they are and talk with them through the lens on the door. Even if you are not at home, you can watch the scenery outside through mobile phone.
The Locking Knob covers children safety. The anti-smog mesh creates an energy-saving living space by provide you pure interior air and crystal view. Under current circumstances of Corona-Virus, indoor air circulation is crucial for every household. The ventilation door optimizing space utilization, while improving air quality of your house.
HISS Taroko is committed to environmental protection, all the products are developed based on environmental sustainability, 80% of the existing parts are used for this highly customized product. Furthermore, its multifunction can meet the diverse needs of customers
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