Flat type ventilation door
Aluminum Ventilation Door is an elegant and multifunction innovation.
Esthetic design
Hidden handle & switch design reach elegant living style.
Design for Safety
Passed highest level of Wind Resistance Test, Air Tightness& Watertightness test of the CNS Standards for Windows and Doors.
Superior soundproof realized by the green building materials.
Inward panel incline design prevents rain from pouring indoor.
Low maintenance & Optimal durability
The detachable design saves your time when cleaning as well as installing.
The highly durable sliding panel has passed 100,000 times fatigue test.
Anti-smog mesh & Stainless steel mesh
The stainless steel mesh protects your home safety. The German antismog mesh blocks up to 75 % of PM2.5, furthermore, with the high strength stainless steel, it will not easy to be damaged.
We are committed to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, in the product manufacturing process, we always fol
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