Fully Intelligent Electric Shutters
This product has the following features
1. Automatically detect the on-site environment and execute the program according to the preset conditions to achieve no human operation.
2. It has the characteristics of energy saving, comfort, privacy, quietness, elegant texture, simple installation, easy cleaning, and convenient operation. There is no complicated installation procedure, and the shutters can be operated and controlled.
3. It can also be operated remotely. When you are not at home, you can also use your mobile phone to control the shutters at home to open or close.
4. In case of fire or other escape needs, emergency escape clasps can be used to easily remove the shutters, and the shutters will not be unable to open due to power failure, which will cause difficulty in escape.
5. The main material is a reusable aluminum alloy environmentally friendly material, giving full play to the concept of environmental protection.

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