bath shower
Sydney is an elegant mix of classical feeling and modernity. The lines are dynamic, open, and yet, the shape remains smooth and silky. The angles and the esthetic are inspired by the Sydney Opera House. Sydney bath shower mixer belongs to a family of Award winner, the basin version was awarded by Red Dot, and Taiwan Excellence.
The design intent was to bring simplicity in the command of the mixer. The idea was to allow the user to control the water temperature and choose between bath and shower with only one handle. This was made possible thanks to the use of a uniquely designed ceramic cartridge. The handle shape allows a confident grip even with wet and soapy fingers. Turn it upward and the water flows to the hand-shower, downward for the bath.
In the fight against limescale, simply unscrew the "coin-slot" aerator to clean it. Awa Faucet, a brand with this simple idea: create smart faucets with expert craftsmanship. Proudly Made in Taiwan.

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