Zesty 3 points
ZESTY The Zesty reinvents the typical 3-point faucet aesthetic with its contemporary visuals.It pushes the boundaries with its twisty neck that holds a hidden waterway. The sheer technical challenge of achieving this look tests the limits and achieves new feats of innovative manufacturing.
Designed by Christian Laudet for Awa Faucet, this eclectic take on the conventional faucet also boasts a refined modern aesthetic. The twists and turns are finished in a sleek finish and the handles are designed to accommodate easy water adjustment and general maneuverability.
Zesty boasts an exquisite Taiwanese craftsmanship and high quality ceramic cartridges, and German-made aerator. This skillful combination ensures amazing functionality and ease of use.
It is designed to have as minimal an impact on the environment. Its manufacturing is very controlled, featuring a body made out of recyclable brass. The parts of it that come in contact with drinkable water are designed in lead-free materials.

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