Touch-free easy installation sensor flush kit
Upgrade and old toilet with a new sensing flusher.
Easy installation and DIY-friendy.
Highly adaptable and resilient, can also be installed on any type of side pressure toilet.
Reduce the burden on the elderly to use the bathroom.
5 features of Touch-free easy installation sensor flush kit:
1. No need to replace the old toilet - It can be installed on any sized toilet in any layout
2. The original side pressing handle can still be used - No need to worry about the unexpected situation of mismatched installation parts
3. The whole machine is waterproof - Long product life, high durability
4. No need to connect the external power - No need to connect to a plug and no space limitation
Just insert batteries to operate it - 4 x AA batteries in the battery box and 2 x AAA batteries for the controller
5. 2 flush modes can be selected - Touch/Wave control
Wave control to time determine the water energy of the flush
Catalog / Saleskits
  • Touch-Free Easy Installation Sensor Flush Kit L-100
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