21*21 LED DC bathroom heating fan
Our R&D team has developed a new generation of products with the 21*21 LED DC bathroom heating fan :

1. Newly adopted DC inverter motor: The power consumption of this new generation of DC inverter motors is effectively reduced by 50%.
2. Innovative AUTO mode: Constantly detects the ambient temperature and adjusts the operation mode automatically, for huge energy savings.
3. HMP filter: Uses an environmentally friendly PP material, which is resistant to strong acids and bases, and quickly filter air pollution. The filter can be directly removed from the side and washed for repeated use.
4. Lightweight equipment: The case material is made of fire-resistant ABS, with an ultralight DC inverter motor. The weight of the motor was reduced by 60%.
5. LED lighting function: The main panel is combined with an inlaid LED design, and it can effectively improve issues with insufficient lighting by brightening the bathroom spaces of the old homes, without the need for additional renovation.
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