Water Filter
CTME-301 / CTME-303
The CTME-301 water purifier has a simple design and quick-change cartridge. The installation is very simple and quick. LED smart lights and warning sounds can remind users to replace the filter regularly. The user interface is both beautiful and ergonomic, which not only reduces the risk of water leakage due to complex maintenance but also has humane characteristics.
The hollow fiber membrane with a pore size of fewer than 0.15 microns can effectively intercept bacteria in the water. The PP filter can block sand and gravel in the water, and the activated carbon filter can remove harmful substances such as chlorine, pesticides, and peculiar smells in the water. All water-passing parts are made of non-toxic food-grade materials. In terms of environmental protection, most of them use environmentally friendly materials (such as plastic material PP can be 100% recycled). The product has passed quality tests such as durability and strength and has also contributed to the global environment.

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