Ju Qing
Ju Qing - a kettle made of cast iron specially for Chinese tea. T In addition, a University of Medicine was invited to conduct experiments on the kettles and research confirmed that the water from Taku Ironware’s cast iron kettles can maintain good bacteria in the intestines, enhance the heart’s antioxidant capacity, and delay the aging of human organs.
The Ju Qing’s design was co-developed with professional tea masters to meet the professional and nitpicky standards of tea connoisseurs.
Features: 1. The unique and embracing handle to guide drinkers unconsciously hold the handle correctly. 2. The throat of the spout is long enough to allow smooth and natural flow control of the water column. 3. The tea can be cut off neatly and collected elegantly. 4. Plug and latch mechanism: even if the kettle is tilted vigorously, the lid won’t fall off the kettle to prevent injury and protect precious tea ware from being damaged due to the lid falling off.
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