AFC6699 / L6638 / LF6612 / LAF7862 / LCS3515W / LCS3515W / BF6616 / F6627AAW
Acting as a tour de force in the smart toilet market, HGC Gorfin series SUPERLET has reproduced the classic in 2020, with a “thin” esthetic sense. After several years of refinement, HCG has created another pinnacle artwork, i.e. smart toilet with “microwave” sensing technology, which greatly improves feedback capability. The shower wand combines air and water with a perfect ratio to deliver the gentle SPA washing—just sit and enjoy it. Boldly applying the stylish metal brushed panel, the remote control can add a smell of elegance to your life.

The patented "three-direction nozzle" is an important breakthrough for SUPERLET. With the central jet hole, the smiling cone-shaped outlet and 1-15 degrees of variable outlet angle on both sides, there’re four jet flows to take away waste and improve the maximum limit of cleansing. The single-track design is adopted above the ceramic surface, which is helpful to achieve further cleanliness of the ceramic surface.

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