Badminton shoes
The innovative TRI-ARCH Drop-In midsole is an important design of VGCT badminton shoes. The pressure equalization test of the TRI-ARCH Drop-In midsole is conducted by the Sports Biomechanics Laboratory of National Taiwan Normal University. According to the result, the foot pressure on TRI-ARCH Drop-In midsole is support the foot better and can relieve fatigue better than traditional footwear after long-time wearing. On the other hand, The Drop-In Midsole integrates the midsole and insole into one, which means less gluing and bonding—one step closer to eco-friendliness, and prevent the insole from deforming and enable more instant wearing feedback. The VGCT is a eco-friendliness product, also made in TAIWAN, emphasizing the delicate and safe production process. VGCT is not only an MIT product of Government-Industry-University-Research Cooperative, but also specially created for the Tokyo Olympics Chinese Taipei team to support the athletes.
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