Anti-hair Loss Essential Shampoo
The best and most suitable shampoo for the scalp is developed for the hair loss problem. Formulated with pure plant extracts and drug-free. Infusions of "Healthy and professional" inspire a healthier scalp. It starts with the formula of "gentleness" and extends the forest (hair).
A friendly reminder to the users of the importance of scalp care, and helping others as brand beliefs. Missing corner design represents the spirit of caring for the community.
"The missing corner bottle + braille + empathy thinking" aims to help the visually impaired people’s inconvenience and solve scalp problems at the same time, and give a comfortable and unobstructed healthy shampoo experience.
The friendly shampoo conveys goodwill and connects with the value of life, and takes care of the smallest thing to purify the world.
Missing corner cares "the unseen" needs! AROMASE arranges scalp checks, donates products, and provides scalp massage and shampoo sessions to 30+ NGOs since 2016.
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