Magic Warming Performance Sports Underwear
This Product is MIT w/ Polygiene@ Antimicrobial and odor control technology was designed for hiking and nature outdoor lovers which emphasizes the central theme of staying confident by keeping fresh and warm. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on fabric and can eliminate 99.9% human-based odor and to solve the problem of residual odor caused by sweat from long-term activities with a gap between the fiber and the cell wall of its unique textile provide warmth effectively but also achieve dryness, comfort without sultry heat and lightness. It's fully certified to offer complete consumer health and environmental protection, including GRS certification, the textile industry’s stringent Blue Sign and Oeko-Tex standards, as well as compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With it you can wear more, wash less which saves water, energy, time and money. Additionally, consumers will also be able pack less luggage for travel, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
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