Hoverpen 2.0 - Interstellar Edition
功能:原子筆 / 功能:工程筆 / 顏色:宇宙黑 / 顏色:太空銀 / 顏色:火星紅 / 顏色:海王藍 / 升級鍍金 / 升級鑲嵌隕石
The Hoverpen - Interstellar Edition is the world's first 23.5-degree hovering object without electricity, and was born to be a boutique-level hovering products. It's fully made in Taiwan, with several international patents, and awarded by several international design awards.
Our chief designer has strict standards to the Hoverpen. We want it incredbly delicate. Thus, 103 difficult manufacture processes are executed under strict controls, including 2 times of TQC.
The Hoverpen redefines the relationship between human and the pen. More than 10 thousands pieces of Hoverpen have been made. It's sales are 60% of company revenue, and 58% are exporting sales. It breaks Taiwan and Korea crowdfund records, exceeds 20 million crowdfund amount, and is deliverd to 70 countries. The Hoverpen also becomes the top seller 3 days in a row on Touch of Modernin, a famous online website targeting men. Now, we keep marketing the Hoverpen more deeply to worldwide.
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