Waterproof and air permeable cotton functional jacket
Waterproof + moisture permeability + air permeability + water repellency + cotton = Xpore Taiwan's first waterproof and air permeable cotton functional jacket
 Cotton is recognized as the most natural and comfortable material to wear and does not irritate the skin.
 Waterproof and breathable function up to 24K/16K, waterproof and breathable with good water repellent and breathability is a more complete function.
 The main function of moisture permeability is to exhaust the sweat generated during the action to achieve a cooling effect and reduce the body's wet and sticky discomfort, while air permeability is to discharge the rest of the body's heat and maintain a good dryness and comfort.

100% Cotton, 100% PFC-Free
Cotton is biodegradable; Xpore membrane is a "PFC-free, solvent-free" green process that ensures that no toxic substances are produced during decomposition.
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