Pineapple leaf fiber cloth
W0441-01 / P0335-03 / K1037
The fabric made of pineapple fiber from SUPERTEX is featured as below:
1. The leaves are biomass from the field and now are turned to recycle as nature fiber.
2. The fabric is easy to be designed as comfortable , natural and elegant finished texture.
3. It could be reused as fertilizer back to the farm.
4. The water-based PU could be coated on the surface of pineapple fiber fabric. Depending on different requirements on strengths, durability , warmth, color, luster or pattern, all could be satisfied and customized. It can replace the animal leather. The targeted markets are among shoes, fast fashion, bags, furniture, etc.
Marketing Feature :
To accomplish 4 of the 17(SDGs) raised from the UN: In order to acknowledge customers are well known the advantage of applying pineapple fiber as natural material to reach the SDGs. we will make a movie to introduce the whole process from the farm to the fabric. Show room and on line exhibition are both in our promotion steps to move.
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