Craftsman Stackable Tool Box
The "TB-1 Craftsman Stackable Tool box" with a systematic stacking structure and durability, and an excellent flat and open storage space, which is convenient for finding and organizing objects. The cabinet design blends meticulous craftsmanship and firm texture, showing excellent weight resistance and toughness, suitable for stacking and easier integration of various hand tools and precision instruments, and the humanized design that can be easily used regardless of whether it is placed flat or upright.
The birth of TB-1 solves problems in the use of toolboxes: the flat design of the box body, expand accessory storage and load, and increase the versatility of tools.
1. One-piece latent handle design:
The box body adopts a one-piece latent handle design, enhance practicability and durability.
2. Automatically connect buckles on both sides of the box body
3. Expansion accessories:
A. With inner box
B. Side-hanging accessory bag
C. Optional shockproof liner sponge pad
D. Wood work table
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