Scalable AI Powered x86 Railway Computer
aROK 8110
aROK 8110, the AI-Powered railway computer integrates AI artificial intelligence, GPU card, 5G NR/WIFI 6E communication, PoE and NVMe high-speed storage required for the use of practical railway safety applications, bringing forth significant safety improvements. An example would be, AI intelligent image recognition technology which can be used to detect any hazards in advance and will promptly assist train operation for accident prevention.

aROK 8110 is an innovative integrated application, it operates its data through its eyes (PoE camera) + AI brain (GPU display card) + communication (5G NR/WIFI 6E). It is a highly-integrated edge AI smart railway dedicated computer, with the ability to support the expansion of the latest generation GPU cards of a maximum of 380watts. Moreover, it can be equipped with three PoE network cards connected to IP cameras. The aROK8110 solves problems of inconvenient integration, high cost and poor reliability caused by the combination of multiple machines in the current market.
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  • Scalable AI Powered x86 Railway Computer-aROK 8110
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