Interactive Flat Panel
RP6502 / RP7502 / RP8602
1. Appropriate functions to meet market demand:
BenQ EZWrite whiteboard software can flip the teaching experience of teachers and students in the classroom. Strengthen the cloud function, allowing teachers and students to share ideas easily. In addition, the convenient floating toolbar allows teachers to easily turn on the writing function to mark, draw, and take notes on the interactive flat panel in different display environment.
2. Easy to use, comfortable and safe
It is very important to create a healthy learning environment. The BenQ interactive flat panel uses a multi-layer non-toxic, long-lasting silver ion nano antibacterial coating, which can kill most germs while inhibiting the breeding and spread of bacteria on the screen. In addition, these antibacterial coatings are still effective after long-term use. The entire series adopts BenQ's advanced eye protection technology, providing high-end eye care technologies: low blue light and flicker free.
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.