MAGNETO Dual Laptop
MAGNETO Dual Laptop
MAGNETO is a laptop equipped with two 13.3-inch touch screen monitors as well as a magnetic sliding keyboard. It can be easily switched among five operating modes.The magnetic sliding keyboard design allows it to be moved up and down freely on the second screen, enabling multi window communication while watching different contents simultaneously ; it also provides the most intuitive feedback with physical keyboard.
Five operating modes
1.Laptop Mode-a personalized dynamic background can be displayed on the screen around the touch pad at the same time.
2.Assistant Mode-allows you to watch live streaming or video playback while using the other screen to perform other types of data reading and operations.
3.Dual Screen-While using the stylus to perform writing,the other screen can be used to preview and check the results immediately.
4.AIO-Full-screen stand up display, the dual-screen provides the best reading experience.
5.Tablet-360 degree shaft will easily switch to tablet mode.

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