Disinfecting & Charging Cart
The AVer X18iS is a versatile solution for conveniently charging, UVC sterilizing, and securing up to 18 devices. Six 254-nanometer UV lamps disinfect in all directions, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within three minutes.
An Intelligent Charging System distributes electricity to two charging areas. The area with lower power charges first, and the power supply cuts off once devices are fully charged to protect from overheating.
Wide slots with patented dividers and cable clips adjust to fit open laptops for screen and keyboard disinfection. There’s even room for larger devices, and both doors open 180° for easy access.
Security doors with coated-glass windows offer tamper resistance and protection from UVC radiation. The UVC light automatically turns off when the doors are open, keeping users safe.
An embedded UV lamp panel includes an LED indicator, start/stop button, timer, and auto/manual mode buttons. Also, a charging status panel includes power and device status indicators.
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