MPG 1000R Gaming Monitor
Exclusive features
1. Quantum Dot technology - creates a monitor that is comparable to those of creators
2. G.I. Features - AI technology provides players with a better gaming experience and a more comprehensive gaming ecosystem.
3. Firmware Update function - provides the ability to upgrade the monitor periodically to increase the lifespan of the monitor.
4. Optix Scope and Smart Crosshair - Smart crosshair increases the player's gaming skill ceiling.
5. Console Mode - We are the world's first manufacturer to propose a solution for PS5 not supporting QHD (1440p)
6. KVM function - A set of mouse and keyboard can control multiple monitors, adding more possibilities for multi-tasking.

The industry's highest standard
1. Rapid IPS panel - The Fastest IPS panel
2. The world's most curved 1000R monitor perfectly fits the curvature of the human eye.
3. 240Hz extreme refresh rate - higher than 90% products.
4. 1ms response time
5. 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution
6. VESA HDR Display 400

Award winning products

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