GIGABYTE Z590 VISION D Motherboard
Z590 VISION D features a reliable performance, impressive connectivity, expandable on graphics, and ultra-fast storage for creators to deal with heavy design workloads such as video editing and 3D rendering. It's the perfect fit for DIY creators to build their own ideal machine.

Powerful I/O: GIGABYTE VisionLINK TB is based on Thunderbolt™ 4, delivers 40Gb/s high-bandwidth speeds, data, video, 60W power, and USB4™ specification compliance devices with the simplicity of just one cable.

Flawless Connectivity: Dual Intel® 2.5GbE LAN design provides increased bandwidth for transfer speed. Also Intel® Wireless solution supports 802.11ax, dealing with speeds up to 2.4Gbps.

Full PCIe 4.0 Design: To support most cutting edge devices, this motherboard support variety of PCIe 4.0 devices, including graphics card and M.2 SSD.

Thermal: A heat pipe connects an aesthetical giant curved micro cube heatsink that can fully cover the VRM area. It ensures the heat can be dissipated efficiently.
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