4D Printing Gaming Mouse
This is the world’s first gaming mouse to feature a customizable structure that also morphs to fit user ergonomics. It is also the only gaming mouse to utilize 4D printing technology to offer, light yet structurally strong product to the customer. All this is on top of the best in class sensors and switches that we use.

XPG Design is inspired by exoskeletal design and adhere to ‘form follows function’ design philosophy. The XPG HEADSHOT gaming mouse is the extension of this design language into the future by utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies and material science to create a product that morphs into the ergonomics of the users hand while reducing product weight and material waste.
*.4D Printed Lattice structure
*.Less assembly / simplified supply chain
*.Insane ergonomics. Self adjusting to grip type
*.Squeeze function for Sniper mode
*.Max resolution: 16000 dpi, Lightweight < 70g
*.Made in Taiwan, Trade war proof
*.RGB Lighting
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.