DVI-I Dual Display KVM over IP Transmitter with Internet Access
Our target audiences are as follows:
1. People who are not in the office but need to use the system in the company.
2. Need to record the screen and mouse operation including remote site and local site.
KE6940AiT not only includes all the features of KE products but also has its innovative functions as follows:
1. Remotely access the company's computer room server through the Internet.
2. Isolate from the existing network segment, users who connect from the external network will not affect the server in the office intranet.
3. All of the video, KB/MS signals can be recorded.
The differences between our products and rivals are as follows:
1. Supports power/network failover – dual DC jacks for power redundancy and 1 RJ45 & 1 SFP fiber ports for network failover to ensure constant availability for mission-critical applications.
2. Includes an industrial-grade material with fanless design – ensures durability and adaptability under harsh environmental conditions.
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