Wondercise's patented Live Motion Matching technology is the world's first hardware/software integration that compares user performances against on-screen trainers’ as they train with live scores (out of 100) and key stats for users to stay aware of their condition and performance at all times. Data acquired via connected wearables (currently supported on Apple and Garmin watches) is also used to produce overall training results & progress, key stats, and more meaningful feedback to help users reach their fitness goals.

Our newest function, Studio, is a social media platform that bridges the gap between at-home fitness and community. Users can meet and train with others around the world or go head to head in workout matches using Wondercise's array of rich and exclusive training content without the limitations of time and place. With live-stream coaching by trainers and Live Motion Matching, users are evaluated and ranked on live leaderboards, promoting competition and motivation.
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