MAKAR, an AR/VR builder no-code platform.
Version 3.2.4
The four unique of MAKAR as follows:
1. Fast experience within 10 minutes. Simple editing interface, allow you to create AR/VR content within 90 minutes. You can play creative and unrestricted ideas as long as the changes on MAKAR platform, the mobile devices will be real-time updated,
2. Free development, on-demand purchase. Free to provide a variety of AR/VR functional experiences, and you could purchase according to demand. Use the lowest cost to create your own AR/VR.
3. Short learning curve, suitable for all ages. No matter you are a student or people of society, you could quickly learn to create AR/VR through MAKAR platform. Through a wide range of teaching videos and resources, you can learn without worry.
4. Any industry can quickly make connections with AR/VR. Quickly link to your industry, use MAKAR for a variety of educations/trainings, industrial applications and advertising campaigns, which are fun and intuitive interactive contents to make your industry more visible.
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.