FaceMe Security
FaceMe® Security is a one-stopped solution enabling facial recognition for smart surveillance. Here are the key features :
1. Contactless solution for access control: FaceMe Security detects individuals within a crowd and can identify them by matching the live capture with profiles in a database, providing quick and contactless access control and health screenings.
2. Mask Detection & Temperature Measurement : Even when someone is wearing a mask, FaceMe® Security provides an authentication accuracy rate of up to 98%. It also displays their body temperature, detects anyone not wearing a mask properly.
3. Integrate Mainstream VMS & Instant Messenger : FaceMe® Security supports mainstream VMS (video management systems), including Milestone, Network Optix Nx Witness and VIVOTEK VAST2. The integration gives FaceMe® Security the ability to trigger real-time notifications to security personnel when events such as the arrival of VIPs, people of interest, and employees.

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