Syscom DBMaker 5.4.4, the relational database developed in Taiwan. Product features and quality equal to its international competitors. DBMaker has RDBMS access functions, multi-language full-text search, multimedia support, unique COBOL solutions, Cloud ODBC, big data features like flexible dynamic columns, automatic indexing, filter index, and an external indexing engine. DBMaker also provides containerized DBMaker Docker image to support micro-service architecture via virtualization technology. DBMaker supports PHP Laravel and Python Django web frameworks for efficient website development and databases access. Different from our competitors, DBMaker integrates seamlessly with ISV systems. We passed SEI CMMI ML3 certification. With constantly updated features, DBMaker remains a popular solution in Japan, China, USA, Brazil, Italy, and more. DBMaker is used in many industries, including: finance, manufacturing, and communications. For over 26 years, customers worldwide trust DBMaker.

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