North American Bolted Style Semiconductor Fuse
K8F / K5F Series Power Fuse
The followings are the competitive advantages of K8F/K5F power fuses:
1.Welding is more reliable
A weak point of every fuse is the connection between the melting wire and the contact cap. This is usually designed as a solder joint. Contact by means of welding is way more reliable. CONQUER uses a new, patented process which guarantees highest reliability.
2. Material: ceramic
K8F / K5F power fuses are made from homogeneous ceramic materials which have good physics structural properties and provide high shock resistance and explosion prevention.
3. International safety certification
K8F / K5F power fuses are approved with international UL safety regulation and EU RoHS standards. The manufacturing processes of K8F / K5F power fuses are lead free and halogen free.
4. International quality approval system
We have approved with international quality approval system as IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO14064, ISO50001.
Catalog / Saleskits
  • K8F/K8F-A North American Bolted Style Semiconductor Fuse
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