Kaleido Plus Print Color ePaper Display
E Ink Kaleido™ Plus
E Ink Kaleido Plus is developed for eReader and eNote market for faster, smoother response time needed. Color is printed on B/W E Ink film with E Ink Print Color Technology, soft-and-tender 4096-color is achieved by RGB-mixing algorithms.
1.Soft-and-tender color, printed paper quality
2.Fast page-turn for image-rich eBook content, such as illustrated books, magazines and comics.
3.Pen writing function added for education, and professional and work use.
4.Color and image quality are optimized through printed color filter design, image and color rendering algorithms, and brand new front light design.
5.Crisper text achieved by printing protocol, and providing the same text resolution as shown on B/W ePaper.
6.2/3 of blue light is being filtered by the chromatic photoresist, easy-on-the-eyes.
7.Paper-like viewing experience, low power consumption, sunlight readable.
8.Fast product development achieved without resource draining conventional glass color filter mask design and manufacturing.

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