ArmorFlash™ Secure Flash Memory
ArmorFlash™ provides the best solution for the serious data security issues of Internet for Everything. Our unique PUF Code technology has obtained many global patents.
ArmorFlash™ combines the standard Serial Flash and the security features into a single chip with a chip fingerprint (PUF Code), and therefore can ensure the security of the overall system. It also provides functions of authentication, data encryption/decryption, and configurable secure zones.
It provides standard serial peripheral interface, plus a secure encryption-decryption memory of high density. ArmorFlash™ prevents the data from being tampered during the transmission in the bus as well as replay attacks, physical probing, tampering and content destruction. It solves the issues of data security: confidentiality, integrity and availability.
The ArmorFlash™ algorithms have been validated by NIST CAVP. It has been adopted by NVIDIA for its autonomous driving systems from L2+ to L5.
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