Moisture Control OLED
Winstar Moisture Control OLED is a powerful product which is adopted our patent pending fin technology that can block the penetration of external water vapor to achieve excellent weather resistance and extend product lifetime. Moisture Control OLED has significant superiority over other displays:
 Self-emitting, no need backlight
 Faster response time:10 μ sec.
 Wider viewing angle:Up to 160 degree
 Module Structure: Chip on Glass
 High contrast ratio:Up to 2000:1
 Wide temperature range:-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
 Low power consumption:< 200 mw
 Fin technology extend product lifetime.
Moisture Control OLED is 100% made in Taiwan through fully automatic production line and quality control facilities. Weather-resistant OLED is designed to fit for medical devices, wearable devices, IoT system, etc.
Due to the above advantages, Winstar “Moisture Control OLED- WEO12864 series” is the best choice for industry and consumer applications.

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