360 Degree All-in-one AI Smart Home Security Guard
WatchDog360 / IC-5350GAI
The 360-Degree All-in-one AI Smart Home Security Guard, WatchDog360, is an innovative device that includes seeing, listening, speaking and smelling functions. Integrated is a 360-degree AI imagery analysis camera that offers “no blind spot”, capable of capturing every moment with precision, in conjunction with high-sensitivity, low-noise radio and speaker makes this an all-round package. The seeing and listening functions passes through AI to produce logical actions and notify users with push App notifications. The EDIMAX AI deep learning and algorithm optimization technology makes the WatchDog360 smart enough to filter out unnecessary false alarms and more. A unique “smelling” feature uses 8 built-in air quality detectors to sniff out harmful air quality particles, the information are then displayed in an easy-to-read color OLED display on the unit, further Alexa support links other smart home IoT devices such as air purifiers for further air quality improvements.
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