Vision Plus
【The world's first intelligent temperature-controlled water-propelled eye massager】 It is the first eye massager using the water-circulation system and water-waving massage in the world. It is gentle and delivers a deeper massage into your skin. It helps to relieve eye fatigue effectively. Other products on the market use air heating, and the comfort level and are not as good as ours. In order to deliver temperature effectively, we use an innovative patented water-circulation system to allow the product to achieve a temperature change effect within 2 minutes and have obtained patents in 11 countries.

• 7 scenario modes and 28 different changes suit different needs.
• Intelligent cooling and heating temperature control system.
• Alternating Cooling and Heating compress, truly releasing eye strain.
• Water-Propelled massage, gently improve blood circulation
• 3D silicone eye mask, seamlessly
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