Face ID Electronic Lock
L600, face recognition electronic lock, combines beauty and durability with metal escutcheons and levers, and grade 1 UL/ANSI mortises. It implmented the latest 3D recognition chip, which can accurately recognize and reject 2D photos, even supports night mode, for we can operate to access in dimly environments.
The lock does not only equip multiple access methods, face recognition, pin codes, and cards, but also mobile APP. With the friendly interface, users can simply and easily operate the door locks. Moreover, the battery lasts for more than one year with innovated energy-saving design to reduce battery changing. Even in the case of flat battery, there are hidden mechanical key override and external power supply point designs as backup plan.
It is easy for end customers to purchase through our official website www.waferlock.com.tw, Line account @ waferlock, MOMO, PCHOME, other e-commerce channels, or through physical shop such as B&Q or from locksmith.
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