ScreenBar Halo
ScreenBar Halo, upgraded from the current ScreenBar series, aims to be the best lighting solution for the tasks in front of monitors: auto dimming to 500lux at any time, no reflection on screen, and no contrast glare.
User can easily switch to different functions below with the wireless control:
• 3 Light Modes: User can switch to front-light, backlight, or front-and-back light according to preference and different scenarios.
• Dimmable Luminance: The brightness can be adjusted as needed. The front-light and backlight are lighten or darken at the same time.
• Adjustable Color Temperature: The color temperature can be turned as needed. The front-light and backlight are turned cold or warm simultaneously.
• Auto Dimming: Halo is equipped with sensor that promptly detects the surrounding brightness and then supplements it with just the right light.
• My Favorite: User can set the favorite brightness, color temperature, and light mode and access to this mode quickly by tapping the button.
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.