Nowadays, the society has gradually moved towards the era of artificial AI. In the car, naked, wide-angle, 3D, actual size, and actual distance virtual objects are combined with the road conditions ahead to achieve intuitive and accurate traffic guidance. Yili adopts 3D display technology and uses the mainstream AR (Amplified Reality) function in the market today to deepen the outline of the text and images of the displayed driving information, so that the driver can experience poor visibility when driving in dense fog or snow. , Through the calculation of high-precision 3D map and positioning system, create a more three-dimensional image projection and mark the correct driving route, so that the driver can still drive safely under the condition of poor sight.


1) Using (wedge-shaped) glass, excellent image quality

2) Adopt the latest optical architecture, leading the world in patented technology

3) High efficiency, low power consumption, easy to upgrade the optical system
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