Duo Series Computerized Water Dispenser
UR-8203AG / UW-8203AG
This is a unique two-in-one water dispenser. Double 15 degrees slanted control panels fit two users who can use different water temperatures simultaneously. It is space-saving and also means much less queuing time for public facilities. Equipped with Multi-guard® filters, the water outlet taps have anti-bacterial properties up to 99.9%. Every drop of water taken is guaranteed to fall within national drinking water standards.
The patented water-to-water heat exchange system makes sure that boiled water can be swiftly cooled down to 50℃ warm water by circulating cool water around the warm water tank. Optimal heat exchange and cooling efficiency is achieved at very low energy costs. The dispenser is able to provide large quantities of warm water while being very environmentally friendly compared to its predecessors.
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